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Volume 1 of works from EYE's most productive years (1998-2003); when radio stations across Australia broadcast tracks on a daily basis.

The music includes doses of electroclash, darkwave, electro-industrial-punk-rock, glitch-hop, EBM (electronic body music), EDM (electronic dance music), IDM (intelligent dance music), cybergoth, political hip-hop, funk-rock, power-noise, pre-dubstep, drum&bass, witch-house and musique-concrete dark ambient noise-scapes.

This is one half of a double CD set that was due for release in mid-2003, around the time that the national radio station Triple J was broadcasting "A Nice Walk in the Park" each day and when numerous big city com-radio stations were regularly broadcasting tracks like "Workers United", "Refugees: Scapegoats (Detention Without Trial)", "Taliban: Made by the USA", "Are You a Terrorist?" as well as "Kadoish" and "Slogans for Consumer Youth" ... Also around that time the cheesy electro-pop joke track "Bring Yurr Love" had also been ranked 2nd in a national electro-dance songwriting competition.

However, life (too many reasons) got in the way, meaning EYE could not devote to the exhausting amounts of time required for seriously promoting a CD release. Hence, the CD release was postponed and the entire record label was put on hold in 2004. A limited CDr release was made available in 2009 following numerous requests. And this first volume was released on BandCamp in 2013. Volume 2 is due ... some time soon. ;)

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released July 1, 2003



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EYE Australia

"... imagine a mix between NIN, the Chemical Brothers, Atari Teenage Riot, the Aphex Twin & Negativland..." The Canberra Times newspaper.

"Original... punk ethic... tech-industrial... influences from acid to drum & bass, atmospheric & spooky to in your face." DRUM music newspaper, Sydney.

~ featured on c.70 compilation CDs
~ large amounts of radio airplay across Australia esp. 98-05
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Track Name: Workers United (will overcome)
Workers united ... never be defeated
Workers united ... will overcome

Workers united never be defeated
We are the people who makes things run

Workers united never be cheated
Protect your rights
They were hard fought and won

Stand up and fight for worker's autonomy
We are the engines of the economy
Those who are poor or in a minority
Shout let it out 'cos we want equality

You can make a difference to help fix the world
All you have to do is believe in yourself

We celebrate our great diversity
This is a strength of worker solidarity

We feel the pain of work place injury
Bosses who think our lives are cheap
Make them feel the pain of worker solidarity
Stand up unite don't turn your cheek

Fight for the right for fair compensation
Fight for the right for better education
Equality, dignity, justice for all
We want it now and we'll have it all

Power to the people not to corporations
Boot politicans who trash our nation
Fight for the right for self-determination
Help put an end to casualisation

Stand up and fight to return job security
Each to their need from each to their ability

Don't let them chip away our civil liberties
Fight with the power of workers unity

Stand up
We are the people

"The People united will never be defeated"
"Today, many thousands of workers stopping work
coming down to protest the fact that ordinary
people are not being given a say in their future."
Track Name: (Armageddon (is proudly brought to you by)) An Endless Variety of American Consumer Products
An Endless Variety of American Consumer Products ...
It's Out of Control.